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M9 ACE M9 ACE in Detail

The M9 ACE in Detail is a 132 page full color photo journal of the U.S. Army's armored combat earthmover.  The book contains extensive color photos of the ACE in action in the field, and a comprehensive walkaround section for the detail-oriented.  Makes a great companion to the Takom 1/35 ACE model kit!

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M1A2 Abrams in Detail

The M1A2 in Detail contains more than 100 pages and hundreds of photographs of the M1A2 in the field and as a walkaround.  Full color.  Includes photos never before seen in a unique photojournal.  CURRENTLY SOLD OUT.

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M1A1 in Detail volume 1: Iraq

M1A1 in Detail consists of 144 pages of full color, large format photographs of U.S. Army M1A1 tanks in combat environments in Iraq starting in 2003.

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M60A2 in detail M60A2 in Detail Volume 1

The M60A2 in Detail volume 1 is a comprehensive 132 page full color photo-journal of the U.S. Army's short-lived M60A2 missile-firing main battle tank. Volume 1 is entirely black and white period photos, with many close up detailed shots.  Some interior shots.  Volume 2 will contain about 60 pages of color in action photos and about 60 pages of walkwround detail shots.

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M60A2 in detail volume 2 M60A2 in Detail volume 2

The M60A2 in Detail volume 2 is the second part in a two-part series on the short-lived but highly interesting U.S. Army missile-firing main battle tank.  This book contains hundreds of full color photographs in 60 pages of the vehicle in the field in Germany between 1978-1980, and another 60 pages of walkaround detail shots.  These two volumes area  must-have for the Dragon, Academy and the AFV Club 1/35 scale model kits of this tank.

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M1A2 in detail Volume 2

This is the second volume on the M1A2.  Expanded to 148 pages of full color photos on the Army's M1A2.  Includes vehicles from 3-8 Cav, 2-8 Infantry, 1-37 Armor, and various units in Europe.  All new content and all photos are taken of actual vehicles in service with the U.S. Army on maneuvers in the field.

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The revised and expanded reprint of SABOT Publication's first and sold-out book on the M1A2.  The original 100 page book has been edited, some corrections made, and includes the addition of 44 more pages of brand new large color photographs of M1A2 SEPs in action around the world.

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